The Rules of Ten
Ex-cop. Ex-monk.
LA’s newest P.I.
The Third Rule of Ten US jacket cover

The Fifth Rule of Ten

Ten faces his toughest case and plunges into the darker side of his own nature.

Detective Tenzing Norbu is back in The Fifth Rule of Ten, and being lured into the shadow world of Tibetan Buddhism. Will this battle bring him down? Commitment can be a double-edged sword. For the first time in his life Tenzing Norbu is finding it hard to breathe.

Life-and-death battle—Coming face-to-face with the evil truth

The Fifth Rule of Ten



Empathy is a powerful tool

Our hero is forced into a life-and-death battle with a powerful shadow presence who roots reach way back in time. Tenzing must commit to fully embracing his own past, or lose everything he now holds dear.

He must join forces with best friends, Yeshe and Lobsange, his ex-partner, Bill and his hack-tivist buddy, Mike, to track down this devious Patient Zero causing the epidemic of criminal chaos.

Epidemic of criminal chaos—an evil presence at Ten’s doorstep

A series of strange crimes besets the city. Each crime is unique—some physical, some cyber—but all are mysteriously interconnected.

Ten’s attempts to crack the case pull him into a dark mirror-world of his sacred Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Finally, he must face the truth: the source of the evil, and the solution, are a lot closer to home than he ever imagined.

Ten must face the truth as the source of evil becomes too personal.

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